Meet MANSI Media's Mobile Exchange

Planning and placing a mobile ad campaign can be a daunting task - from choosing the best sites to evaluating costs and assessing targeting capabilities. Fortunately, MANSI Media is launching the MANSI Mobile Exchange, a powerful online tool that will simplify this process for advertisers and agencies.

This Mobile Exchange will help simplify the process by allowing advertisers and agencies to place local mobile advertising quickly and easily. "With access to premium mobile inventory across 50 hyperlocal websites, mobile advertising has never been easier," said Lisa Knight, MANSI Media's VP of Advertising.

The new exchange tool will be available to agencies and advertisers across the country at no cost and will grant access to mobile inventory, rates and a geographically-defined listing of the mobile products. Using the exchange, advertisers and agencies can plan, build and order campaigns targeting general audiences or campaigns with a more detailed focus on a business or entertainment niche.

Through MANSI's long-standing relationship with local newspapers, competitive mobile rates have been established throughout the Mobile Exchange's footprint. The Mobile Exchange offers current impression availabilities, costs, targeting options and ad sizing information so advertisers can feel confident that they are getting the best rates and accurate information for trusted local mobile websites and applications.

To develop a campaign, agencies and advertisers can simply choose the geographic location (by city, DMA or state) they'd like to reach, add in their content targeting criteria and impression levels, and complete your entire order in a matter of minutes. One of MANSI's knowledgeable media buyers will confirm, verify and track the mobile campaign from start to finish.

Agencies and advertisers can request access to the exchange by contacting Matthew Caylor, Director of Interactive Media, at 717-703-3040 or by emailing

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